Online Seminar: The Next Generation of Sales Training

How to create a successful sales training program using your own sales data.

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Meet Ralph Grimse

Ralph Grimse, is a Partner at the Brevet Group, a sales enablement firm focused on building solutions to help their clients sell smarter. For over 15 years, Ralph has helped organizations improve their sales performance as a management consultant, practice leader, and business founder. His passion has always been in sales enablement -- the intersection of strategy, execution and technology. At Brevet, he focuses on building customized sales training programs for his clients and leveraging the Brevet Online Academy platform to effectively enable sales teams.

About the Online Seminar

The idea of sales training for many brings up memories of cringe worthy presenters and long days in windowless hotel ballrooms. We’ve all sat through too many of these sales training sessions that have failed to improve sales performance. So why is something so fundamental and important so difficult to get right? Join Ralph Grimse, Partner at the Brevet Group and Brian Lastovich, online marketing manager at Base in a discussion about where sales training goes wrong and what's to come in the next generation of sales training.

Items We'll Discuss

• The sales training landscape – what are your options?
• What mistakes do organizations typically make?
• What can you do to see better ROI from sales training
• What role sales managers and leaders play to improve sales training outcomes?
• How organizations can use data to assist in sales training


About Base

For years, your CRM system forced you to log all of your activities but gave you almost nothing in return. No wonder you ended up hating it. What if your CRM system could capture all of your interactions automatically so you could spend less time typing and more time winning? What if it could be smart enough to tell you which opportunities to focus on? What if it would help you prepare for a meeting by doing the research for you? Well, now it can.

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