3 Technologies Transforming

Door-to-Door Sales in 2018

Thursday, January 11th @ 1PM CST




About the Webinar 

The sales landscape in door-to-door (D2D) sales is changing faster than ever before. D2D sales strategies are unlocking a personal sales experience that can’t be replicated with cold calling and email. In this webinar we break down the 3 technologies that are transforming door-to-door sales in 2018 and sharing best practices for purchasing D2D software, and building a teachable sales process that can be replicated at scale.

You'll learn about…
  • How leading companies will use intelligent data enrichment to focus on the right opportunities.

  • Location recognition, and how teams will leverage GPS coordinates to pre fill location data for new leads and contacts.

  • The possibilities around the use of augemented reality in field sales, and how it could potentially transform the way teams work.  

Meet the Speaker



Josh Bean

Director of Marketing, Base